Working As a Home Stager

I love working as a home stager in New York City and Long Island, since I have extreme confidence that my services truly help people to fulfill their property sale goals. It is rare to find such a positive vocational field as real estate staging where every service provider can truly take credit for almost single-handedly getting even problematic properties sold for top dollar. It is for this purpose that I wish to share some of my thoughts on this fantastic career choice with anyone considering becoming a professional home stager.

Home staging is all about presentation and aesthetics. It is not a structural art, such as contracting, and it is not a design art tailored to fit the tastes of the client, such as interior decorating. Instead, home staging is an advanced form of property marketing where particular techniques and strategies are employed to make a piece of real estate more appealing to potential buyers or renters. To put it simply, while it is the actual home which is purchased, many buyers can not see past the current decor and visual issues demonstrated in the home. They judge the property based on the current owner’s decor choices and also can make incorrect assumptions about space, size, functionality and desirability based solely on how the rooms are currently utilized and laid out. Home staging corrects any concerns in the floor plan and furnishing, as well as addressing clutter problems, overly personalized decor and look, feel and flow optimization, providing a much enhanced atmosphere of universal appeal. how to become a home stager

Working as a home stager allows a person the liberty of custom designing their job to fit their own lifestyle preferences. Stagers can work for large or small companies or can be independent contractors or business owners. Stagers can use their skills to enhance rental units or saleable properties and can specialize in any type of real estate product. Some stagers decide to focus on condos and coops, while others choose single or multifamily detached homes. A few stagers prefer to work with landlords and management companies and concentrate on the recurring task of staging rental units. More and more stagers are finding quality work in the commercial property staging sector. Best of all, there are still new avenues for stagers to apply their skills in development, so the future is bright for this relatively new career field!

Being that home staging is so versatile; stagers have many benefits not enjoyed by the majority of other career paths. In general, stagers can make their own hours and decide how much they will charge for their services. Stagers can hustle and work all the time or can relax and choose clients carefully. Stagers can focus on education and work training others in a new career or can utilize media to help current staging professionals increase their skills. Many stagers appear on television in this respect or choose to write books or articles to promote the profession and increase its value to society. Since statistics support staging as an incredibly safe investment, the demand for staging services has never been greater and experts agree that the market is still in its infancy with plenty of room for exponential growth in the coming decades..

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