Why Website Analysis Is The Key To Better Online Results

Website analysis is the key to more profits online.

What a lot of people who hope to make a living on the Internet do is throw up a site and hope it sells. They use a “hit or miss” approach. More often than not they miss. You see, it’s really not enough to have a great looking site. The big question is… “Does the site actually sell?”

How do you tell? The answer is simple. You set up tracking software and perform some simple website analysis. For instance, in the offline world one of the tried and true methods of improving response is to do an “A/B Split Test”.

You take 1,000 names and mail 500 of them one version of your sales message. The other 500 get the same message except for one change. Maybe you put a different headline in the second batch of letters. Maybe you offer a different price. Whatever. The key is to make only one change and then compare the results. Free SEO Tool

Usually, one mailing will out pull the other. You can do the same thing online. Actually, with modern technology, it’s even easier. By using tracking and testing software you can rotate headlines, prices, offers and whatever else you want.

Then you do a little website analysis to see which headline, price, offer, etc. gives you the best response. As you tweak each element of your site, you improve sales little by little.

But each increment adds to your revenue. Think about this: By doing a little website analysis – and making appropriate changes – you could increase response and sales by 1% per month. Do that for the entire year and your overall response shoots up to 12%.

That’s huge considering the average website tops off at a 2% response rate.

And that’s the whole point of doing website analysis. You make simple changes to your website in a scientifically controlled environment. In other words, the changes you make are deliberate and can be tracked. Then, you get the results based on testing, analyze those results and make the necessary adjustments (i.e. use the headline that brought in a greater response) to boost your sales.

If you were to do this type of simple website analysis on an ongoing basis you would exponentially increase your results. What are some of the elements on your site to analyze? The ones that matter most include: headline, price, offer and list.

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