Wholesale Sources and Directories – Finding Products For Your Retail Business

Have you ever thought about starting a business, either online or brick-and-mortar, selling either retail items or a service, and wondered, “What should I sell, and where am I going to get this stuff in order to sell it? And what are the fundamentals I need to know before diving into retail selling?” Let’s start with the “What should I sell” part.

A good start would be to pick a targeted niche that is a sub-niche of an already popular product. For instance, a sub-niche of children’s clothing would be infant clothing; a sub-niche of DVD movies could be new release DVDs. You get the idea. Focus in on these smaller segments. Become a specialist! But obscure items like these can be tricky to find so let’s answer the “Where am I going to get this” part.

If you studied business and marketing in college you would know. The answer is simple but carrying out the process is a bit more involved. You’d most likely acquire your stuff from a wholesaler, and in turn sell this stuff to the public as a retailer. First, we need to elaborate on the concepts of wholesale and retail.

Simply put, products that are considered wholesale are purchased in bulk or large lots from the manufacturers. These products become retail when they are bought from the wholesaler (in smaller lots) and then sold to the buying public. So the wholesaler is obviously the middleman in this chain. The wholesaler’s cost per item is relatively low because it is bought in large quantities. So now this wholesaler becomes a source for retailers to buy the products they want to sell to the public. And because retailers often add services like packing and shipping (and for the simple reason of making a profit), their selling price is higher than what the wholesaler bought it for from the manufacturer. Bulk spices

So why wouldn’t the wholesaler sell directly to the public and why wouldn’t a retailer acquire their items directly from the manufacturer? They could and sometimes do, but for the most part there is a beneficial symbiosis between the two which works well for both. The retailer’s need for wholesalers to execute the legwork of gathering the products from the manufacturers is a large part of the equation, and is best handled by the wholesaler specialist. Now, what if you wanted to sell a large variety of items? There would be even more legwork. You’d have to contact every manufacturer individually if you wanted their product. A lot of wholesalers do distribute more than one product, but not always a huge variety. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you had a single source for all these items? Here’s where an online wholesalers directory enters the picture. Doing a search on Google will harvest several wholesalers directories. So what is suggested on how to do the search?

Enter the key word phrase “wholesale anything,” where the anything is the product you are looking for. For instance, try terms like DVD wholesale movies, wholesale clothing lots, or wholesale phones, whatever you want to acquire wholesale. You can try the search phrase keywords in different orders, too, like costume wholesale jewelry or wholesale costume jewelry. As long as you have the word “wholesale” in the phrase your results will be pertinent. Another way is to check eBay for sources using the word “wholesale” or “lot” as the first search term. Using the internet is much easier for finding wholesale sources and directories, but you have to be careful of the unscrupulous outfits out there. So do your homework. Do some research to find a legitimate wholesale source, as they won’t come to you or seek you out for business. Most wholesalers don’t make any effort at all to attract small to medium size businesses. They are usually resting on their laurels of having very large businesses as clients. So where does your research start?

You can contact the manufacturer directly for their recommendations on wholesalers. This is good because they can offer a sound first hand opinion of its reputation. But by far the most convenient and efficient way is to use the internet.

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