What Makes The Perfect Skate Shoes?

If you do not already know, the skate shoes are actually specially designed for skate boarding. With maximum grip as the topmost concern, these shoes are created to improve the skate boarding experience.

Safety is every skate-boarder’s main worry as this type of sports involves high speed and heights. Wearing the right shoes is important as it has an immediate impact on the skate-boarder’s performance. Most of them also practise on ends to perfect their skills and they need the perfect shoes that will not hinder their abilities and create unnecessary pressure or stress to their bodies. As such, their chosen shoes have to be really flexible with a super grip and be comfortable and durable. Meepo board

There seems to be a rise in fashionable skate shoes of late. However, for the skateboarder who is working towards becoming a professional, they will only look at those that are made for the specific purpose. The perfect pair is normally triple-stitched to prevent ripping. It fits snugly in size with a thick sole as it can protect them against injuries. There are a number of famous brands in the market today that have included additional features such as the air-pocket inner sole that gives better support as well as the push for the skateboarder. Lace loops are added to help keep the shoelaces in the shoe to prevent skaters from falling and tumbling due to loose laces.

Some brands even use silicon rubber material to increase the durability of the shoes. There are also different types of soles designed for the skateboarders for different purposes. Most of the manufacturers have also included thermoplastic toe box reinforcement, asymmetric stabilizers for medial upper support, gel components to add to the fluidity of movement and gum grip outsoles that ensure the skateboarder does not slip.

Due to its thick sole that’s made to be super gripping, BMX cyclists are also turning to them in their sports as the shoes grip the pedals and the thick flat soles can act as brakes. Moreover, this is also further influenced by the known durability of the shoes.

These shoes are without a doubt expensive. The price is mainly determined by the material used and the added features that give the shoes the added advantage over the other brands. Not forgetting to mention, these shoes have to be designed and manufactured according to governing safety features related to the sports. In the end, the more features the shoes have, the higher the price.

However, getting a pair of reasonably priced shoes is not difficult. You will be able to find them in most department stores and more recently on the online stores. There are a number of brands that come cheaper than the top brands but they are equally as good if you have no intention of heading down the professional lane. Always remember that the priority of your choice is to prevent injuries to your feet.

Nowadays the skate shoes are not only used for skateboarding but have gained much popularity as a fashion statement, too. After being popularized by the pro-skateboarders, many, especially the teens, are wearing these shoes for every day casual wear.

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