Three Dimensions of Love

Eros, Philia, and Agape are the three Greek words used to explain love. Though distinct, yet they are interrelated. Marriage relationship is designed by God to be a forever relationship. In a forever relationship each of the three types of love has its own significant place.

Eros is love based on the physical process and borne out of carnal desire or strong attachment with sexual attraction. Eros is based on gratification, which is usually selfish and which collapses as soon as the desire is achieved e.g boyfriend and girl friend relationship and sexual love between husband and wife. Eros or romantic love is a pleasurable learned response to the way your partner looks and feels, to things your partner says and does, and to the emotional experiences you share.

In your marriage built romantic love by thinking about your partner, concentrating on positive experiences pleasures cut of the past and then daydreaming, anticipating future pleasure with your mate.

Philia love is based on the emotional process. This is love one feels for a cherished friend of either sex. It exists between brothers and sisters [siblings of the same parents, parents and children and among friends]. It is borne out of common experiences, goals or bonding. It is a selective love, based on qualities in another person that one finds admirable, attractive, and appealing. Caasimada

This is love based on the spiritual process. It is God’s type of love; sacrificial and unselfish. It is unmerited and unconditional love. It is God’s way of loving. Agape love gives without measuring the cost or seeking personal advantage. The principles of Agape love, operating in a forever relationship, can answer every need, solve every problem, and show us the way to regions of joy unending. To form a forever relationship, you need a love centered-marriage. Marital love has to do with senses of man i.e sight, touch, smell and hearing.

To blend very well in a forever relationship is the experiences of admiration, affection, respect, compatibility, compassion and sexual attraction towards your partner.

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