The Top 5 Free Typing Test Sites of 2008

Well if you are just like the rest of us who are making sure to spend every dime as an investment, we get pretty picky about it. Especially when you thought that jobs don’t come with the cost, or do they? There are some sites that require that you a pay small fee in order to take their typing test. But if you’re like me, then the cheapest for me is FREE! Being put in a situation to search for these sites, I wanted to share with you the top 5 typing tests sites that I have encountered.


The site seems a bit cluttered with a lot of entertainment. It features a lot of different fun ways to learn and improve your typing skills. It even has GAMES for you to play. I liked the typing test because it gives you an option of how long you want to take the test along with some choices of material to type. It is pretty easy and friendly to the user. For those of you with competitive attitudes can even post your high scores on the site for others to see. (Stop bragging will ya…)


This site is everything about typing. It even gives you options to practice with numbers for those who would like to brush up on their numerical data entry skills. It gives you crisp and simple results right there. The site is extremely friendly along with great tools. typing test


What I like about this site is not only does it provide with you a simple typing test but it even asks if you would like add their link to your website (if you have one of course. However you could always use a blog and then etc… there are a lot of opportunities to be made with blogs. Anyway I went to look for strictly a typing test and found a business opportunity as well. Go figure!


I love this site because it is so easy to read and maneuver around. It looks crisp and informational. I felt extremely comfortable doing their typing test. Matter of fact, I actually scored higher than the rest of the tests I took from the other sites that I have recommended above. It’s a clean professional atmosphere with good learning tools.


I had to add a favorite for 10 keys. This is a great site to not only get free data entry typing tests but it also has a great tutor tool to use as well. When you sign up for a FREE membership you get to access a lot of cool tools. You can practice word and 10 key typing.

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