The Different Kinds of Defense Keychains

Buying defense keychains for yourself or a loved one can be confusing because there are so many to choose from. There are blunt force weapons, chemical weapons and electronics that are meant to incapacitate the potential attacker. Your choice can be influenced by how comfortable you are with certain actions as well as your physical health and stamina. You must also consider the laws of your state so that you don’t get into major trouble. There are some state laws that forbid certain types of self-defense weapons. acrylic charms

Blunt force weapons are the hardest to regulate because they can be virtually any type of item. For instance, if you are being threatened by someone and you choose to use the small flashlight that is hanging on your keychain to bash them, then you have created a blunt force weapon but there would never be any type of law regulating a flashlight because they have other uses. There are still others to consider as well. There are some blunt force weapons that are small and unassuming but extendable so that they can become a much larger and more dangerous weapon.

Chemical weapons, including pepper spray, can be used but are usually regulated at least to some extent. You can’t bring it with you in certain places and you might consider the type of chemical and your household. If you do have a pepper spray or other type of chemical based canister on your keychain, make sure that you keep it out of the reach of children and the curious. You might also use caution with them if you have pets because there have been reports of dogs and cats that have pepper sprayed themselves.

The electronic weapons are the most regulated option and may also be the most dangerous. If you can avoid firing one of these weapons, it is advisable because you could cause serious injury, even fatal injuries and earn your own criminal charges in the process. Be careful with these items because you can also end up injuring yourself. Don’t just cram your keys in your pocket or you might end up with a shock.

Where you choose to buy these types of weapon items might matter as well. Don’t trust the items you find in the back of magazines nor should you try to buy these from unknown sources. You might also consider your safety if you buy from a gun show or a trade expo that has everything from freshly baked cookies to tattoos and even your own defense keychains.

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