Samsung USB Driver 64 bit

With its sleek looking face and an easy to grab design, the magic-moments capturing devices is awesome for anyone looking for a stunning photography experience. It is dazzling to use the camera for the first time and one will be amazed by its remarkable inbuilt features. The camera seamlessly allows different digital and optical zooming levels. Editing photos is also a breeze with its inbuilt startling picture-editing app.

Slow motion hardy feature

It is sometimes better taken slow than normal or fast. The team behind the camera innovation has realized this goal in photography. Whether you want to see your; favourite biker, motorist or safari rally driver make the win, you can capture real time slow motion clip real-time at a rate of 120 frames per second. This is to make sure that you don’t even miss a single move. Amazingly, this will happen without sacrificing the video quality at a high resolution of 720×480 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

The touch screen & picture realism

You don’t have to make a move or have a computer to review your files. You can do this comfortably via the Samsung Galaxy Camera 4.77 inch TFT touch screen. The screen’s splendid real colors at high resolutions (308 pixels per Inch) will also astoundingly allow you to enjoy viewing your photos without missing even a mark. It is a device that offers the power of HD (High Definition) movie recording and playback without having to be so bulky.

Samsung Galaxy Camera organic design/ voice control

Just access any photo-taking action by simply placing your fingers on the camera’s organic design. This will result in a high quality photo without shaking and interfering with the picture capturing cycle. You will be amazed to realize that the elegant curves on the camera are not just for aesthetic beauty but to keep your fingertips in place. Also have you ever wondered how you can turn a normal camera to a nanny one? If the answer is yes, this device ships with a voice command option so you can control it by your voice to record anything you want Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10 Download

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Photo and Movie Wizard

Don’t keep dreaming about how you can make your own fully edited photos or movies. The camera ships with all these features to make the overall experience simple and easy. Its photo editing capability uses the latest technology – Auto Face Calibration. This is to ensure a precise move on the screen when preparing final fun-moments photos either for you or a client. Also, just use the touch screen to make, edit and preview your new movie on the go.

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