How To Keep The Outside Of Your Car Clean

Many people keep their homes spotless, but then their cars look like garbage dumps. Your car is a little more than a way for you to get from Point A to Point B. Even if it’s not a looker, it deserves a little respect. Getting into the habit of keeping your car clean on the outside as well as the inside actually goes a long way in keeping up with the overall maintenance of your car. Keeping the exterior clean does a lot to extend the life of your car by preventing rust, mildew and scratches. And not only that, driving around in a clean car makes you enjoy it a lot more. Below are some pointers to keep in mind if you want to keep your car clean and new looking for as long as possible. Bilvask københavn

  • Use a car cover: This is the best way to keep your car from being damaged by all kinds of things. Extreme weather, animals, passersby, a slight tap of a neighbor, falling leaves, bird droppings, dirt and other debris, and countless other things come in contact with your car every day. Whether it is inside or outside, and whether it’s cold or hot outside, keeping your car protected with a proper car cover keeps your paint from chipping and your hub caps from rusting. Even the inside can be affected when your car is left out in direct heat without being covered. Good car covers don’t have to cost a lot, but make sure you get a good quality one, otherwise the material can actually do more damage to the paint.
  • Get your car washed and polished regularly: Most people will get their cars washed after it rains or snows, but otherwise if they don’t see any major spots or dirt they feel that they don’t need to have it washed. But this is a crucial part in keeping your car clean and keeping the paint looking new for much longer. You may not see it right away, but over time, the paint will start to chip, the hub caps will start to rust and the tires will slowly become more damaged. Washing and polishing your car regularly keeps dirt, mildew and grime from getting deeper and causing scratches and other permanent damage. You don’t have to get a professional car wash all the time. If you have the time and the weather permits it, feel free to wash your car by hand and a good car polish.
  • When possible, keep your car in covered parking: Even during mild weather, many things can fall on your car through the course of a day that can damage the paint job. A branch can fall from a tree and severely scratch damage the paint or scratch or a window. Also, keeping your car outside for long periods of time when it’s hot out can severely damage the exterior finish. The interior can also be affected from direct sunlight. Avoid these things by keeping your car in a cool and covered place whenever possible.

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