Food Processing Conveyors and Other Machinery

When a factory produces food or drink they have to adhere to very strict hygiene standards which are in force these days. To do this the food processing areas need to have been hygienically designed and properly cleaned and maintained. Processing food could involve a number of processes, for instance some food stuff will need to be sieved to be the correct size, ingredients may need to be added, counted and then packed. Each process will be done on different machinery which means the food stuff needs to be conveyed to each process. All of these processes including the moving food stuffs to the next process could be prone to food contamination if the machines and surfaces used are not hygienic clean and maintained. Some of the machines which are used to process food are linear feeders, Vibraflo Through Sieve, bucket elevators, conveyor systems and vibratory screen feeder to name just a few. Today they are all designed and built with the best materials for processing food. Below are a few examples of machines and their use.

Hygenic conveyor systems are normally made out of stainless steel as the material is virtually immune to staining, resists the build up of matter, impervious to attack by chemical or biological agents and is very easy to clean. The belt material is often made out of polyurethane which again is perfect for food as it is an inert material that does not contaminate the products carried on it.

Bucket elevators are for when food or other material needs to be elevated. This could be for a number of reasons but if the material is food then the bucket elevator also needs to be made of materials to ensure the food does not get contaminated.

Sieves and screens are designed for dewatering, scalping and single deck separation. The vibraflo through sieve is machine ideal for food material such as coffee. Many products like coffee need to be sifted through before they go onto the packaging stage and the vibraflo through screen can screen 5,000kgs per hour.

Vibrating feeders are feeding machines which have a vibrating feature so food or materials can move along to the next process evenly and continually. Again if the feeders are going to be used for food then the feeder will need to be made from hygienic materials. They are widely used in the chemical, building and mining industries used food machinery

Many of these machines are bespoke as they are designed for different processes; some are designed to work where there is a shortage of space. Some will be for food so hygienic materials are needed, other times not. So buying a second hand machine which was designed for another process is not a good idea. You can get refurbished machines which will cost far less, but it is far better to go directly to a manufacture of these types of machines and explain exactly what you want the machine to do.

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