Details About Physical Therapy Assistant Colleges

Physical therapy assistant (PTA) employment opportunities are growing at a very fast rate in the United States. This career requires a two year associates degree from an accredited college or school.

Today, there are over two hundred Physical Therapy Assistant Colleges in the United States. All colleges that offer this healthcare program have to be certified by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

What To Consider When Selecting A College

Many community colleges and four-year colleges offer degrees. Basically, there are four aspects to take into account when deciding on the right college. They include the requirements for admission, faculty, direct practical training, and equipment. Some programs offer some of their classes during the evening and this may be another factor to think about, especially if you work during the day. 3 month pharmacy tech classes

Requirements For Admission

To be admitted into this program, many colleges require certain high school courses in science. Also, it is essential to have a good high school grade point average, particularly in algebra, biology and chemistry. These colleges are also looking for candidates that have some healthcare experience, even it is just volunteer work. Recommendations from physical therapists or other medical professionals may also be needed when applying to the program.

Top Colleges

Some of the best colleges are based in large cities. A number of them have internship agreements with local rehabilitation centers or hospitals. College students that are accepted into these schools generally work under the supervision of physical therapists when they are learning not only treatments and methods, but also patient management skills.

Required Classes and Training

Usually, the classes that most colleges require include anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, medical terminology, pediatric physical therapy, fundamentals, and geriatrics. Other basic courses that may be mandatory are English, psychology, biology, speech, and chemistry. Students must also become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as first aid.

Along with these classes, students enrolled in programs will be required to participate in laboratories where they will learn how to work with various clients of all ages. Students learn different exercise treatment standards, types of daily living skills and range of motion skills. Additionally, they will be taught the correct ways to use a variety of equipment that is used for treatments. They are also taught how to use other important healthcare devices.

Students will additionally need to be taught different kinds of physical therapy methods including paraffin baths, massage treatment, heat and cold pack therapies, electric stimulation, ultrasound, and traction. All of these various modalities are used so they can offer pain relief to patients.

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