Breaking News: Sales Scripts Still Work!

I felt like a spy, going on interviews for jobs that might have been fitting long before I had become an acknowledged and widely published expert at selling.

I had to mask my sophistication, while swallowing my pride.

To even qualify for an interview, I dumbed-down my resume, leaving off earned graduate degrees. I positioned myself as what I had become, in part, as a consultant: a top seller and sales trainer.

Harnessing my ego, I hired onto a job that had a makeshift training program. Part of it consisted of watching a videoed suit tell me about the math of success in selling. City News

Make a lot of calls, enumerate your results, and fix what is broken, but nothing more. Advice and even specific examples I had given in some of my best-selling books that he apparently private-labeled, and sold as original.

But that was okay, I told myself. I was going to be a dutiful seller only; not a sage, and certainly not a critic. I was going to learn about the systems and the techniques that were currently in place, and see what had changed since I had shifted my focus to negotiation and customer service platforms.

I was given two scripts, which were hard to read, let alone recite. Noticing the best reps were using a different spiel, I asked them for THEIR scripts, which conveniently, they had reduced to writing and generously shared with me.

(Had they known I was a certified scripting genius, their missives might have remained in drawers while I stumbled over my self-importance.)

My computer hadn’t been set-up, so I was “desk-driving,” listening to others pitch. Fidgeting and chomping at the bit, I was asked if I wanted to get started without a computer.

Call reluctance increases with inactivity, so I jumped at the chance. And wouldn’t you know it, after a fifteen minute talk, I sold the first person with whom I spoke.

In grad school, the same thing happened on a shorter call, when I was selling office supplies.

“He’s a MEISTER!” the managers proclaimed back then, noting that I seemed to perform the script flawlessly, and of course with the right result.

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